Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the way to recovery!!

So today is day 8 post surgery and things have been going so well. Everyone I talked to said it would be the most painful thing I would go through so the whole time I have been waiting and waiting for it to get worse. The worst days were supposed to be days 3-5, but to be honest they really didn't feel any differently then the rest of the days. Don't get me wrong, it has has it moments, but for the most part I think I have been very lucky to not be in so much pain. I think My surgeon was Dr. Beus for anyone who is looking for a good one, I highly recommend him.

Heather has taken such good care of me and making sure I had all my medicines and food and ice and water by my side at all times. I have never been with her and the kids for a week straight without being on vacation so I got to see exactly what it took to be a mom and WOW it is work! Heather is an amazing mom and so patient, I don't think Cohen ever stops! But once you hear his cute little voice and see his big smile you can't help but love him. The kids are so cute and tried to be so helpful to me. Livvy continued to feed me ice any time I asked. She would come into my room (her room that she so nicely shared with me) and would ask, how much better are you feeling today B? I would show her with my fingers and say a little bit and she would say okay, but I think the main reason she was asking was because when I am feeling a lot better then Curtis, her puppy could come back. I felt so bad, they sent him to Blanding with Jeremy's mom so that I would be able to stay with them since I am allergic to him which was so so nice of them.

Nicole Oldroyd and Hilary Peterson came to visit me today with their cute little babies Kade and Camry. It was so so good to see them. I love hanging out with those girls. It's always so fun when we get together!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ohhh megan....

Okay so it was Megan's birthday on October 21st, not to be confused with the 23rd which I seem to often do with anyone's birthday who is in the beginning of those 20's. I just thought it was a good spotlight to a blog about her and let everyone know why she is one of the most amazing best friends a girl can have!
***She is the best consultant when going shopping
***She is a music addict which is so great for me cause she shares all the good music she finds and uploads it to my ipod.
***She always write nice little notes and leaves my favorite treats on my bed and makes my day.
***She will meet me at any of our three favorite restaurants at the drop of a hat - Bajios, Pizza Factory or Hello Yogurt.
***She got me addicted to diet dr pepper. - Doug does not like that one - still thinks it causes zits, weight gain, migraines...etc.
***She is an amazing personal trainer and is so nice to share all her skills with me
***She pushes me to my limits - even when I think I need to give up and can't go any farther, she tells me otherwise.
***She is a great running partner and always stays with me - see above.
***She is a great cooking teacher and is so patient with me when I ask her even the stupidest questions while cooking
***She is always up for a good road trip no matter where it is to
***She has great fashion advice
***She is beautiful
***She has such a strong testimony and is such a good example to me
***We can stay home on any given night and talk and laugh our heads off for hours thinking we are so funny
***She loves the same movies as me
***She is always up for a good big bowl of popcorn with her doing the spray butter and me salting it...
***She always has the cutest shoes
***If she wants some thing and she can't find it anywhere she will just make it herself! so crafty!
***She is so determined
***She is so self motivated
***She has a dan in real life family :)
I could go on and on about this girl, but as you can see she is quite an amazing girl. This is the first time in 4 years where we haven't shared a wall as roommates and we are three flights away, but at least we are still under the same roof. I think that there are people put into our lives at different times for many different reasons, and I know that I am so lucky to have Megan as a part of mine because she has influenced it in so many ways for the better :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


About 3 weeks ago I got another sinus infection. I get that, bronchitis, or some other relating sickness multiple times a year. I constantly lose my voice for weeks at a time and it was starting to get old. So I went into the Dr and he said my tonsils were huge, which he always says and that it would be best if I saw a speciailist to get them out. So off I went and a couple days later with my dad and saw the surgeon to see what he thought. As I explained my history he asked me to breathe for him, so I did and he knew something wasn't right. He asked to take a ct scan to see inside of my nose/sinus. Ten minutes later the results came back and they weren't good. He said I had air bubbles in my maxillaries and up all these cavities which there should be no air. He told me that I had chronic sinisitis and all these other words I didn't know. He said my tonsils should come out, but if I didn't want to go through with that, I definately had to go through with the other surgery. We decided the best option would be to do both at one time. Each surgery separately would take me out for about 2 weeks, but it was necessary and needed to be done as soon as possible. I can't tell you how good it felt to hear those words. The fact that knew things weren't normal in my nose, but there wasn't anything I could really do about it because you don't find out things like that until you are looking for something else. All growing up my mouth seemed to stay open while doing physical activities. I remember watching dance videos and seeing my mouth open, but litterally I couldn't breath if it was shut. I went to Cabo with my friends in August 2006 and they were trying to teach me to swim with my head under water breathing from my nose but it was completely impossible for me, and no one not even me, could understand why. I just start to panic. So in that sense, I am happy to find out that I needed this surgery and that my breathing would improve. So yesterday, October 23rd I went in for surgery. I was in such a panic because I was supposed to be to the surgical center at 7am and I didn't wake up until Megan came down stairs to take me at 6:50am. So just going in I was all flustered and wasn't sure I had everything. I hate that feeling. I got into the surgical center and after doing a few things necessary all the sudden I was being wheeled into the OR. I was so scared and I felt like it was so fast. If you don't know me, you have to know that I have to mentally prepare myself for things. I don't like things being surprising or sprung on me. So I didn't get to say goodbye to Megan and thank you for all her help and my dad was on his way and he wanted to see me before I went in, but he didn't make it in time either. So here I am texting on my way into the OR and the dr's are laughing but they don't know how annoyed I am that I don't have any time to say good bye! And then the anistheisologist is talking and thinking he is so funny saying that I only have about 20 seconds before I won't have a clue whats going on. He was right. I woke up serveral hours later to my dad feeding me jello and ice and tears streaming from my face. I could hear talking, but I didn't understand anything going on. So the surgery went well. The surgeon told my dad it was such a good thing that I had it done. Apparently it was pretty diseased up there, who knows how that even happens, sick. Tmi? But I'm so glad its over. My dad drove me over to my sister Heather's house to stay for the remainder of my recovery. Cohen kept running around trying to figure out what was wrong with my mouth. B's Mouss! B's Mouss! yep... kind of a disaster... Olivia was so sweet and fed me ice cubes my dad got me from Sonic. She kept calling me Ariel from the Little Mermaid and tapping her throat. She thinks I need to find a boy to make it better. One of the best things...Heather told me that when she would wake me up all last night to give me medicine that I WASN'T snoring!!! yay!!! That enough is reason for the surgery :) I should give it more time, test out my no-snoring on more people, but for now, one opinion is good enough!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Wedding Planner

So another one of my best friends just got married. Megan and I flew out to Seattle with Jenna's sister Shay on Thursday just in time to have the bachelorette party. Jenna's mom picked us up from the airport and within 20 minutes being in Seattle we stopped for a little shopping. That night we went to "The Pink Door" and had dinner with all the bridesmaids. Then we went to some place Jenna somehow found downtown Seattle and sang karaoke. It was so much fun to be with all the girls. We then went to check into our hotel in Belvue at Embassy Suites. The hotel was so wierd I felt like I was roommates with all these people I didn't know. All the doors faced inside and it was sort of this big square and there were huge windows into everyone's rooms. A very personal hotel. Now that I am typing this out it seems normal, but trust me, if you were there you would have felt the roommateness. So Friday we woke up and went and had lunch with the wedding party. The thing I loved about this whole wedding - among many other things, was that everyone that was there came just for the wedding. They all took off a couple of days and they were there to have a good time and be with Jenna and Swavek (the groom). After lunch we all went sailing around the harbor by Pike's Place. The rest of the day was spent shopping and going to dinner. By the time we got back to the hotel we were spent and knew we had a long day ahead of us so we basically turned in for the night. Saturday was the wedding day. Jenna looked so so beautiful. She was glowing all day long. She and Swavek looked adorable and so happy all day long. All the bridesmads wore different black cocktail dresses and they were all so cute. The crafty Megan and her mom made her dress. It was adorble. Jenna's wedding turnd out so beautiful and there was no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween is going to suck this year...

My sister sent this to me this morning and I thought it was so funny. So I had to share with all of you :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

sniff sniff

I'm sick. I get sick about 5 times a year like this. Its miserable. Except I don't remember it ever really being this bad. I don't like to lay down cause all the pressure goes to my head, but I'm so tired its all I want to do, but when I actually lay down to go to bed, I can't sleep! and you want to know the worst part? I can't taste anything. I ate my favorite candy..kitkat...and I could have been eating asparagus for all I knew. I couldn't even taste the chocolate goodness. I hate it. I was going to go to cafe rio for dinner, but then I decided not to because I wouldn't be able to taste the amazing pork anyway, so I settled for 2 tacos at del taco cause it would fill me and it was much cheaper, and I wouldn't have known the difference anyway. My dad has always been so insistent on me going to the Dr, which in this case I really really am grateful for (not that I'm not every other time). I'm going to Washington next Thursday for one of my best friends weddings and it would be so awful if I felt the way I do now. So it turns out that its a sinus infection aka...worst thing ever. I sound ridiculous, like I just woke up all day long, can't breathe unless my mouth is open, and my nose is stuffed up. My back has been hurting pretty bad for a long long time so I brought that up to the dr too. He said that a rib is out of place and I need to see a chiropractor, but he also told me not to let them tell me to come back a thousand times, it should be a pretty fast adjustment. so i went in today cause with my sinus infection its already hard enough to breathe, but when I take a deep breath it hurts even worse. He wants to take me in a few more times, which is frustrating because I thought it would be a one time visit and apparently its not. I'm pretty sure I'm making this sound worse than it is, but its not fun. Also I probably have to get my tonsils out. According to everything I read online and everyone that I talk to that has had it done, its basically the worst thing ever. My dad is coming to the specialist with me on Tuesday to figure out if its really necessary, but according to my Dr he thinks I should. I am not looking forward to that. Sorry for being debbie downer...the next post I do will be a happy one. I promise :)

1 Year Older and Wiser too....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Jolynne's birthday was on Thursday October 2nd. I have been so sick for the past 4 days that I couldn't even go to her birthday party :( I was so sad. I hate when my family all gets together and I can't be there! Here are some things I LOVE about Jolynne...
1- she is so generous. she will always try to give you everything or do anything she can to make things easier for someone else.
2- She has always protected me. one time we were driving to Reno and I got a ticket and I was so scared and didn't want to tell my dad and I didn't have the money to pay for it. She said that my dad would never have to know, and that she would pay for 1/2 of it. I mean who does that??? My foot was on the pedal, but she just didn't want me to be so upset.
3- she always is up for shopping. no matter what if i want to go shopping, i know i can call her and she will be right there. she used to always buy me clothes when i didn't have money too.. i wouldn't let her, but she wasn't even kidding she just loves doing nice things.
4- She is always so good at listening to me. She will call and listen to everything that is going on in my life and she is always so supportive.
5- she lets me borrow her headbands.
6- she has always trusted me - She started out by letting me always drive her car while my dad was gone - starting at age 14...i'm pretty sure this isn't the first time dad has heard of this... i hope. She knew i would be just fine driving up to the gas station to get a drink with some friends.
7- she has great music before most people - her and megan come in close together. but i remember she used to always listen to dashboard confessionals in high school and i thought it was so annoying and i would get so mad when she put it in. now i am obsessed. i love them. and i am not happy that tickets to their concert are $80. but i wish i would listen to her more often and faster...
8- she calls just to say hi. i need to be better about that. even if she doesn't have much to say, she just says hi and it makes my day.
9- she is very creative. if anyone has ever been to her house you would see how adorable it is. I know she gets mad at me for this one because I don't make it out there as often as i should, but i am working on it...
10- she is one of the best sisters in the whole world. I am so blessed to have a sister like her and a person like her in my life. LOVE YOU JO!!

Ps...livvy asked if i was even invited to your birthday party. It made me sad. I told her I was too sick to come. How does a 3 year old know what that even means??
also... we have GOT to take more pictures together. this is ridiculous that i couldn't find any, it actually makes me sad...

Megan tagged me about oh a week or more ago... Sorry so late..but here it is :)

The rules are: List 6 quirks about yourself and then tag six people. Leave them a message on their blog letting them know they have been tagged.

1-Well this is one that I learned about today and finally admitted to. I think I am, well I thought I was, good at cooking. I'm not. I don't know how much of something to add, my friends convinced myself that "soda" is club soda to add to my cookies, and that baking soda is just out because the recipe already called baking power, and you wouldn't have both in one recipe. I can't make 5 minute rice without it being completely soggy... I could actually go on and on that is just what happened in the past week. So quirk number 1 - most people can follow a simple recipe...I can't.

2- I like things to be the same, especially when it comes to food. I will have the same thing for weeks straight until I get sick of it. A few weeks ago it was all Subway for lunch, which I never actually ever get sick of, but the kid at the counter said "you come" So I stopped. I was really annoyed I just looked at him and said... yep... The next couple of weeks were PB and J's straight everyday. The next few weeks were easy mac. I just do things until I run out of the ingredients or can think of another great idea.

3- I eat popcorn most days of the week. I love it. And it turns out that its actually healthy. My personal trainer, Megan said it was, and whatever she says is healthy I don't question.

4- I pop my knuckles every twenty minutes. I don't think that will be a surprise to any of you. I am sorry its so annoying, and I apologize ahead of time if you happen to be sitting by me in church (that is when it seems to be most annoying). I went to the chiropractor today though and he said it was and old wives tale that I will get arthritis. I am going to go with him on this one. I knew the whole time it was just air passing through my bones. I'm not saying that I'm not thinking about ways to quit, but seriously its addicting. I have been doing it since I was about 7 years old I am guessing.

5- I am also addicted to kick boxing. I love it and I would do it every day if I could, and some weeks I do. I have been doing it since high school and I never get sick of it. I am getting certified to teach it in a few weeks and I am so so excited.

6- I love watching the news. I love all the politics that are going on right now. I could sit and watch the news all day. I even love local news, but we all know how boring Utah news is so I have to look elsewhere. Bill O'Reilly is my favorite, oh and so is Nancy Grace, I know she is a little annoying but for some reason I love her!

So here are some new things for you all to learn about me :) I tag: Kellie, Teresa, Tia, Ruthanne, Jolynne and Holly.