Thursday, September 11, 2008

And I'm Proud to be an American...

Today, every time I got in my car there was a tribute to September 11th on the radio on the local country station, kbull 93. I heard their tribute about three times, and each time by the end tears were streaming down my face. I was thinking about where I was when this day happened seven years ago. I was in gym class my sophmore year and we were playing volley ball. Over the intercom we could hear someone speaking but since it was in thy gym, it was all muffled and we couldn't understand a word they were saying. When I got to my next American goverment class, it was on tv and no one said a word through the whole class. This went on all day long, we watched it on the news in all of my classes. I was in shock, I couldn't believe something like this could ever happen. I am so grateful for all the Soldiers who are out there serving our country or have served. I really think about how lucky I am to living in this amazing country with all the freedoms that I have. I wish I could find the same cut of the tribute for you to see, but I can't find it anywhere. So here is another really good one. copy and paste..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You learn something new every day

okay so this is almost embarrassing for how long its taken me to write on here, but in my defense I moved apartments in the middle of August and didn't have the internet until about a week ago... but these are a few things i have learned over the past month or so...

1- when going to walmart or target, or anywhere else for that matter- always, ALWAYS get a cart. you will wind up with much more than you came for, and your arms will just get too full and tired of carrying everything.

2- after many years of living in the top floor, three stories up, its finally nice to live on the bottom level and not have to carry up many many boxes of things to my bedroom.

3- when your car shakes because you are driving on the freeway over 65 miles an hour your tires are off balance, and you need to start taking your car in regularly for tire rotations..every 6000 miles to be exact... oops...

4- sarah palin was a great choice for mccain and after some research i actually like her a lot.

5- after all these seasons/years of putting off grey's anatomy i have come to terms with it and am now obsessed!

6- ever since last thursday when i actually gave sushi a try, i have cravings for it daily.

7- as long as i don't go to the mall at all, even if i am bored, i don't have to have a new shirt. i actually can find something in my closet just fine. just keep me away from the mall...

8- i need a road trip. bad.

There are many more things that i am too tired to list. but i promise i will be better about writing and being more up to date.