Sunday, December 7, 2008

Novemberish Things

I have been avoiding ever even looking at my blog since its been so long since I last wrote. This way I pretend its not a big deal, cause I never see it so it doesn't matter which maybe it doesn't.. I hate it when I put stuff off like this. You know like when you have to do your laundry and you really don't want to, so you just don't think about it cause that way it goes away. When really you could do it so easily and its not that big of a deal. If you can't tell, that is also what is on my mind. I should use my time wisely and while watching "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and blogging, I would have a load going. That would be much to easy, I think I'll just sit here and think about it instead.
All the November birthdays in the family except Cory.

The month of November was such a good month! I am sad I haven't written in here every day to tell you all about it. Not only was it the birthday month of many people I was MY birthday month. My birthday was on November 16th. A Sunday. I don't actually love Sunday birthdays as much as I probably should. You just don't get to do as much as any other birthday day. Although its nice and relaxing and you can take all the naps you want. But I didn't do any of that. On Saturday Megan planned a birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Mi Ranchito. I loved every second of it. Although I wish I could say the same for the rest of the group who came. It was the talk of the night of how awful it was. So if any of you reading this know how great Mi Ranchito really is, please reconfirm this to me because I was starting to doubt it, I just don't know why they hated it so much! Sunday we went to church as usual and then I went to my sister Heather's house for dinner and cake and a combined birthday for Heather and me. We had one of my favorites broccoli soup and Jeremy made clam chowder...not so much my favorite, but since I haven't tried it, I can't say I hate it. Then we sang the song, opened presents, and ate cake and ice cream...all good things. Then I went home in time to make treats for friends who were coming over. It was so fun to see all my friends who I don't see as often as I like to. Well planned by Megan...Thanks megan!!

Bethany me and stephanie

I don't exactly know how this happened, but megan and I didn't get one picture together during my birthday activities. So sad.

So then came Thanksgiving. Sadly I don't have any pictures to document this day :( But it was such a great day. I was in charge of the potatoes beit mashed, baked or fried? I chose to do the mashed, standard for thanksgiving I thought. I followed this blog my friend Jenna showed me. It was just what I needed, directions with picture by picture of what was supposed to be happening ot the food along the way. I promise one day I will learn all the tricks of the trade but until that day comes, I will just have to cook at Heather and Jeremy's so that Jeremy can show me them. I think they turned out pretty good to be honest, as least I didn't hear any complaints about them so I will take that as a success. Dinner was at my sister Lisa's house this year. It was so so good. Stuffing is my favorite...too bad I didn't try it til 2 years ago, I have really missed out! But I know how, and if there was one thing that I would choose to have for thanksgiving dinner it would be stuffing. Later that night Lisa and I went and saw Australia. I had no idea what it was about, and thats the way movies need to be for me. That way I have no expectations and I won't be disappointed. It was a really good movie though. Long, but very good :)

On Friday morning I woke up early and flew to Vegas. I went ahead and bypassed the dreaded black Friday. Unless you know exactly what is on your list and know the deals that are out there its really not worth going anyway. I figured Vegas would be much more fun. A couple of my friends, Kelene and Jenna moved out there to dance in some of the amazing shows they have. Friday was filled with lots and lots of shopping, eating, and then going to Kelene's show. She dances in the Donnie and Marie Osmond Show. Luckily it was Jenna's night off so she got to come to it with me. Kelene was amazing in it. I wish I would have known more of Donnie and Maries songs..but they did a lot of covers so it was still entertaining. On Saturday we did more shopping, eating and then I went to Jenna's magic show. She is in Steve Wyrick's show at Planet Hollywood. This time I went by myself and the seat that I had was next to this old lady who would not stop looking over at me. I think she was more sad that I was alone, than I was. I just pretended I couldn't see her staring over at me for an obvious 5 seconds at a time. The magic show was cool and I kept trying to figure out if I could see how they did things, but I couldn't. I had my suspisions, but didn't know for sure. After the show I talked to Jenna and she told me a few of the tricks. Lets just say I knew that magic wasn't real, but somehow I believed a little in it but after the show it sort of ruined magic for me althought it was my fault and I should have never asked how things were done!On top of my Thanksgiving week, I got asked to give a talk on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The topic was the obvious one of the season, Gratitude. I hadn't spoken in church since I was about 13 and suddenly I have talked twice in the past three months?? When I was asked, I didn't know what I was actually going to be doing that weekend, so I told them I would. When I planned the trip to Vegas, I talked to Kelene and luckily she was going to drive home late Saturday night after her show. So I wrote it before I got to Vegas and decided I would practice in the car driving home. We didn't leave until about 10pm vegas time, which was 11pm Utah time. Probably not the smartest idea we came up with. But we made it home at about 4am which was just in time to get in a quick nap before my 9:30am church.

Wow I am really lacking in pictures here... I need to better. and I will. Overall November was a great time. This post has gotten pretty lengthy so I will end it here..but there are more stories to come...