Friday, April 25, 2008

its the end of an era...

For just about the past 4 years of college, I have been so lucky to live with some of the most amazing girls I have ever met, and for the first time since, I won't live with two of them starting today :( Heather is moving back to Boise and Jenna is going to Texas and Washington. These girls will always be two of my best friends!!

5 Reasons why I love Heather

1 - she is always up for a road trip even if we leave for cali on a friday, go to disney land on saturday and come home sunday...
2 - she would always make my bed if i hadn't made it that day
3 - she knows friends quotes better than anyone i know and let me borrow the dvd's for the past 3 years to watch every night before i went to bed.
4 - she is one of the best listeners i know and will always sit and talk to me about anything
5 - she is always so interested and supportive of everthing i do and i know i could always count on her for anything.

5 Reasons why I love Jenna

1 - she loves popcorn just as much if not more than i do
2 - she can do dance dance revolution better than anyone i know
3 - she says things exactly they way they are even if you don't want to hear it and she always gives very practical advice
4 - she always finds the best cafes and cute little places to eat and then makes us drive to them and doesn't know where they are... or if they're open... but when we get there they are always amazing
5 - she loves to photoshop pictures and make everyone look much better in all her pictures!

I love these girls so much! and will miss them so much!! They have been the greatest roommates and friends I could have ever asked for!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here I am....

I have for so long avoided the idea of making a blog for mostly the reason that I am not married...I thought that was one of the requirements of having one. seems that these days anyone who is anyone has a blog so I figured I couldn't hold off any longer. I also think it will make me a better friend because evidently many of my friends have them and they all read each others and know little things about each other's lives and I'm constantly wondering why I'm not getting the memos! So I hope this solves that problem...