Friday, June 27, 2008

Kayla is growing up....

So this is so crazy to write about, but my little tiny baby first neice Kayla is 12!!! what?? I was 10 when she was born so it has always been like she was my baby sister more than i was her aunt. It's weird for me to even say i am an aunt, it makes me feel old... haha. Kayla and I share a special bond that we can always joke around and play and have a good time. It seems like just yesterday she was a baby and i was carrying her on my hip which was stuck out of it's socket just about, thinking i needed the support. I just barely went with her to her 12 year old birthday party which i must say was about 10 steps above my scavenger hunt for a party. The big pink limo picked all her friends and Lisa and I up at her house and took us to Sweet and Sassys. Its a cute little salon that you can get facials, finger nails painted, get your hair done, have a fashion show and on and on. It was crazy to see her be just like i was at her age except much more girly. I was still into the nike t-shirts and not washing my hair.. :) Kayla loves horseback riding and gets to start competing soon! I am so excited to see her! She used to dance and I loved going to see her. She is so cute. I love her!! She is growing up so fast - i sound like i am 50 but its true!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

strawberry days...

Stephanie, Bethany, Amber and I all ran in the 5K race for Strawberry days. I have ran twice since i ran in the half marathon in April, and decided that i kinda like not running... when you start training for a long run like that it seems to consume your life and its all you think about after work is how you are going to fit in the long runs. It's crazy how much stamina you lose when you quit running so often. It was only three miles but i thought i was going to die! Stephanie and Bethany were great partners though. I guess i should still kinda keep running so I can enjoy these little fun runs a little more... here is a little post race picture.

So after the race it was of course on to the usual Saturday pool side at the Avenues. I have been trying so hard to wear sunscreen cause its way to painful and i have learned my lesson too many times not to. So i lost my sunscreen and used some old bottle with nothing in it and i was so paranoid about getting burnt before going to lake powell that i for the first time that i can remember placed a towell over my body to protect myself and then quickly called it a day. poor megs didn't get all the sun she wanted but i figured it would be better to go in then for her to hear me complain for the next week. right?? We then hit up the local DI and picked up our outfits for the Strawberry Day's Rodeo. I really don't know how i walked out the door in my outfit but i did.. it was so much fun though. trevor picked up the best outfit - a real genuine cowboy shirt, he fit right in. Stephanie looked so cute as always, Cami had a classic rodeo princess which was amazing, and megs and I went with the shorts and fannell shirt with boots. megan looked really cute, i just looked like a disaster here is the proof...

at the rodeo there was a guy who i asked to take a picture for us. he couldn't have been more upset. i promise i didn't know that the guys with the cows and the ropes were coming out, there was no need to yell at me. he ended up taking the picture later, awkward, but he was really happy to see we were too bored to sit through the entire rodeo when we left early.

Monday, June 9, 2008

monday monday

is it just me or has this year gone by so fast?? i mean really its June? what?? and oh yeah its still basically winter...i went to vegas with my sister heather - it was a surprise for her but i had known for weeks. we went and saw phantom and shopped all day. it was so fun, a good little break from the everyday provo life. but mostly i have been just working everyday and doing random things at night.

So about a week ago my dad and i were chatting over msn and somehow he just started sending me pictures that he wanted me to post on my's what they were...

i'm pretty sure this was my 6th grade birthday party. i hope you all of you who are in this enjoy this as much as i did. stephanie...i'm pretty sure that is you with the hair half up with the braid and your back to the camera.

awful... this is what i thought "do your hair curly for your chrismast dance recital" meant... someone should have given me a picture as an example.