Sunday, July 27, 2008

utah symphony in the rain...

So last night I went on a blind date with this boy named Darryl and Megan and her date Johnny, to the Deer Valley Resort outdoor amphitheater and I don't know how it happened but it went down 20+ degrees up there at least, and it was POURING rain. I'm pretty sure that the entire valley was under a big black cloud and Darryl just kept saying, "it will pass, its just a little cloud.." and all I could think was are you serious?? are we looking at the same sky?? its SOO black and i don't even see anything other than that. We went to see the Utah Symphony to Beatle Mania or something like that, to be honest the weather was so bad that I only heard half of the songs anyway. So in case you were wondering, yes we stayed... The people that we went with had just gone camping or something and he had a tarp in his car. He layed it out when there was a break in the rain for 5 mintues and when it started again we folded it in half and were under it like a tent.. I was a little closer than I would have liked to have been to my date the entire time.
e are some photos.

This is when Darryl said it was just a little black rain cloud... we were still smiling...

This is when the rain was getting old and I was wondering why we weren't going home because my entire left side was completely wet from holding up the tarp and if I let my arm fall at all there would be a flood coming down my arm or right into my shoe, or down my back.

This is our make shift tent. I don't know what we would have done with out it. I would like to say go home, but I am not sure if that would have been the case.

When we finally got back into the car, we could laugh at the situation and say we had a good time, but during it all I could think was why are we still here?? haha. I'll be honest I don't usually document my first date, let alone with a guy I have never even met before, but this was just too good to not have pictures of. All in all it was a pretty fun date minus the part where they picked us up at 5pm and didn't take us to dinner. I really don't understand that, I mean they had to be starving too right? Or was it just me and Megan who had a piece of bread and a jamba juice for lunch and that was about it for the day.

i have been tagged...

So my sister Jolynne tagged me in one of her posts to answer the following here they go...

3 Joys: going on roadtrips and any trip in general, being with my family, making treats.

3 Fears: spiders, having someone break into my house, not going on a trip by the end of year.

3 Goals: be better at cooking and planning my meals at home, learning how to cook, learning how to frost cupcakes - can you tell i am really into cooking lately?

3 Obsessions: going to kickboxing, eating popcorn every night, shopping.

3 Random: I want to be laying out in the sun right now in somewhere far away (don't worry Jolynne, I would lather the sunscreen on..), I am moving into the cutest condo ever in about 3 weeks and I couldn't be more excited and I wish that when I had taken Piano lessons for 4-5 years I had actually learned something.

3 Tags: Megan, Hilary, Teresa

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of july = favorite holiday

So I have come to the conclusion that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. i love christmas and thanksgiving, and of course my birthday, but the 4th of July just brings a different kind of favorite. Its a time to celebrate the independence of our country and to thank all of those who fight for our country. I am so honored to be an American and I feel so fortunate to live here and to have the freedoms that I have. I love that its a time to be with your family and friends and do things all day in the sun. Ever since I was little it has been tradition to go down to Provo and stay the night on the street to save the spot for the parade in the morning, but for the past few years I have been boycotting the parade and just staying up all night. I think parades would be a good time if I had some of my niece and nephews around me, but they all seem to do their own thing now so this year I didn't go. I went and floated down the freezing overcasted Provo River. It was seriously so so cold, which I competely expected the water to be, but I thought the sun would shine just a little bit to keep me warm...I was wrong. My tube had a hole that was covered in duck tape and the entire way down the river I could hear a whistle coming through the tape and it was slowly deflating but luckily I made it to the end without it popping. But my advice would be - if you leave to go down the river and its cloudy...don't think its going to warm up when you get in the water... This 4th I didn't get to have a bbq which I was a little sad about, but me my dad, holly, heather, jeremy, olivia and cohen all went to Brick Oven which was still very good, at least i got to be with my family :) after Brick Oven I took Olivia and Cohen and watched the fireworks on the provo temple grounds so that Heather, Jeremy my dad and Holly could all go see the Stadium of Fire. I was so surprised at how well they did Cohen was so good and didn't complain one bit staying up so late. The fireworks were amazing and Olivia and Cohen loved them. Cohen kept saying "horray" So cute. Overall I would say the 4th of July was a success.

mr and mrs davis...

one of my bestest friends heather got married on July 1st and we got to go to see them come out of the temple and go to her luncheon. and then me, megan, jenna, rob, and brad drove up to Boise together to be at her reception. it was so fun to see how happy she was. Heather and Josh are so perfect for each other they were so in love and i just love them both!! Heather looked so so beautiful!