Sunday, February 21, 2010

Much needed vacation

For a few weeks Lori and I had been trying to figure out a time for me to come down and spend the weekend. We began talking about valentines weekend and realized that it was a 3 day weekend and I could probably make it work. I am pretty sure I live for vacations and road trips - no matter what the length. So naturally I asked the best road tripper I know of, Megan, and she was immediately on board. So Friday at noon we set out for our 10 hour road trip (8 for me, 10 for Megan). We had a few complications on the way there...The tire pressure light kept turned on, so we did the responsible thing and pulled over 2 different times to make sure our tires weren't flat. We continued on our way and I guess we got a little distracted because we somehow missed our exit towards highway 89. OOPS! We made it to Cedar City, and finally pulled off realizing we had never gone that far to get to Kanab before. We pulled over and asked for directions to see if there was an easy way from there that we didn't have to turn around and go how ever far back it was to our correct turn off. So we took the 16 year old Cheveron workers advice, and continued from Cedar City.. Bad idea? maybe, but 40 minutes up a windy mountain road, it was too late to turn back. The snow was piled so high that we couldn't see any signs as to how far we were to a city, or if we were even going in the right direction. I just kept telling myself we were headed in the general eastern direction so we should be able to meet up with the 89 at some point right? My silent prayers were answered and we did! yay! Still not sure how far back we were set but at least we got to see some really pretty views from the top of the mountain! So we made it to AZ safely with no other complications. On Saturday Lori, Kingston, Lily and I headed up to the Phoenix Zoo and it was so much fun! The weather couldn't have been better. Seriously perfect for Arizona and being outside walking around all day.
This is the most adorable picture of Lily.

Kingston and me

Kingston wanted a ride in the jeep. he is the cutest little guy you will ever meet. I learned very quickly that I was not to put him into his car seat or take him out... other than that we were best buddies.
Lori and Lily with the elephants.Lori and Kingston with the rhinoceros - who finally decided to move.

This cute little chimp was adorable! He had a big audience and I guess he got a little shy and ran and grabbed his sheet - or blanket and covered his face.

Lori and me. love her.

After the zoo we went and met up with my mom for some dinner and shopping. We got to stay the night up there so we turned in early to get the kiddies to bed. We continued the next day with more shopping and sushi in the park. Another beautiful day. Eventually Lori dropped me off to Megan and I stayed at Megan's parents house in Gilbert that night. We woke up got pedicures, went to lunch with her mom, sister and niece and then headed on our way!

It couldn't have been a better weekend to get me back up and rejuvenated. I need those every couple of months.


Jolynne said...

Look at that sun! You guys look so cute! I glad you had a great time and that you made it home safely!!!

Kara and Glen said...

Sounds amazing. I can't say that I'm not suprised you got lost. :)

Preston and Jamyn said...

You blog????? WHAT????
Cute pics of you and the kids! Let's do kneaders again soon!

Ruthanne said...

It's so wonderful to have you back. I am always excited to see what my cousins are up to. Meeting up just once or twice a year just doesn't seem very right. Anyway, not only am I happy to see that you are blogging again but my mother wanted to relay to you that she is excited to be able to spy on you again. ;)She loves to see you all update your blogs. She loves you all and is always excited for you and your sisters when she reads what you have been up to.

amber said...

Yay benita!! I am so glad you are back and blogging again! I just love you to death!